This page was last updated: May 20, 2014
Norwood Service League collects contact information from donors, volunteers and supporters for the express purpose of agency fundraising and communications. NSL does not share, sell, exchange or make public this information.
Current Office Hours: 
9AM-1PM  Monday-Thursday

Currently enrolled ABLE/GED program hours are 9:30AM-12 noon Monday-Thursday
513-924-1200 leave message with name and contact number for call back.
Tax-deductible donations  made in a safe and easy manner through PayPal.
Celebrating 97
Founded 1917...Serving the people of Norwood Ohio
Organizational financial transparency
Q. Why should I donate to Norwood Service League?

A.   Instead of a general answer, here are specific details for your understanding WHY.
  • During the years 2007-09, we helped people who lost their jobs, connected them to job readiness partnering agencies or available local job openings.
  • In summer 2010 NSL held a job fair for 50 people. 
  • Some neighbors lost their homes in foreclosure and we provide housing assistance. 
  • NSL helped our neighbors navigate through emotional and financial difficulties of being unemployed for the first time in their lives. During this same period of time NSL continued to help 600 households in generational and situational poverty.
  • In 2008 Norwood Service League provided financial assistance with $10,000 for rent and mortgage assistance, clothing, public transportation, and trade school registration fees. Our services included helping domestic violence victims as incidents rose during the recent recession. 
  • Adult education is about helping people pick up the pieces of their lives, to support themselves and their families.  They have goals to become better role models for their children to finish high school.
  • Norwood Service League has generously shared our resources with our schools, health, recreation, senior services, police and fire departments serving our city as partners. NSL facilitated generous gifts from an anonymous benefactor to Norwood churches that supported our organization.

Norwood Service League has been present for generations (1917-present) of Norwood families thanks largely to community support, earned income, grants and generous gifts.

Help us to continue to be present for future needs in the communities of Norwood, Ohio- Hamilton County.

Norwood Service League Inc is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charity, registered with Ohio Attorney General, and your gifts are tax-deductible.

“Norwood Service League Looking Toward Future”

Norwood Service League board decided to sell its building at 2071 Lawrence Avenue in the best interest for the charitable organization. The building is 3,354 square feet (5,514 including basement and attic). Good condition has been maintained.  If interested, contact .

“Proceeds from the real estate sale will help our organization to thrive in a smaller location with focused programs and services,” says board chair Debi C. Gay. “NSL will continue to serve our neighbors in need through our current programs. The Board is working to keep our doors open. We look for our community supporters to help us achieve this goal successfully.”

During the summer months of transition, Norwood Service League will be open Monday-Wednesday,  9AM-1PM (except 2 vacation weeks) for current ABLE/GED classes through to July. Our telephone number is 924-1200, please leave a message for response within 1 business day.  Check back on our homepage for further updates and announcements.